To begin with Maya is not a person, she is my beloved dog. My second post is dedicated to her.

This is Maya.
This is Maya.

Maya is a six-year old Labrador Retriever and a real cutie pie! Six years ago I had the fantastic idea to get a puppy, me being nine at the time. My parents were actually pretty hard to convince, I begged for weeks and finally they gave in. We searched for a female Labrador Retriever and we found out that females were a lot harder to find. As I mentioned before I was young and I had never had a puppy before, but I was all confident.

The first time I met the nest of puppies I saw one of them and I knew that should be mine. Still really young and underestimating the situation I picked up Maya and I let her go. Yep you read that good I lost grip and the puppy fell on the ground. It wasn’t from that high up and the puppy wasn’t injured but I remember that moment very well.

Mini-me with mini-Maya.

(ignore the awful fashion choices)

I’ll just put a few more photos of this cutie down here.

Chill'in on the carpet.
Chill’in on the carpet.

The last one, I swear!

I'm sleepy...
I’m sleepy…

OK, this is really the last one. 😉

I LOVE running in the snow !
I LOVE running in the snow !

So that’s all for this post ! I hope you liked it.



Hello world!

So a few weeks ago I had a crazy idea. What if I started a blog? After a lot of hesitation and research on pinterest and tumblr, I finally gave in.

I’m pretty young and very inexperienced but I really love writing and thinking of a place where I can write everything down without too much comment is very appealing.

Coming up with a name was very hard as well, but eventually I found the name: ‘simplyeverythinglogical’. I can’t really explain the name because I don’t really know what it stands for. I just wanted to have a blog where I could write everything from beauty to cooking without a restriction because of the name I chose. I now feel like I can post anything because I chose an universal name.

A few things you might want to know: I’m a girl of fifteen years old and I live in Belgium. I can speak and write English fluently due to living in other countries and going to American schools. But i will explain everything more in detail in another post.

I don’t think I’m going to point to a schedule but go with the flow as they say. I will blog when I have time so that it’s still fun and not like something I need to do.

That was all I had to say for this post thanks for checking out my blog, it means a lot!

XXX                                                                                                                                                T.